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Go for the Musical Idea

Chasing after the end goal, from the beginning

We must have our end musical goal(s) in mind from the beginning. Last night I was working on a solo, and continued to redirect my mind towards what I wanted to say musically. This not only helped me play a certain passage easier/quicker, it was much more enjoyable to explore my imagination and celebrate when I reached my own musical standard. Then I could work on building muscle memory and consistency.

I look back on days, even within this past year where I worked on solos (and more) with the idea of fixing mistakes. This is daunting, and can take the joy out of playing music. Don't get me wrong, there is a way to practice and clean that is needed, but I believe it should be much more objective than what I typically was doing. It's easy to assume that something is wrong with us, and maybe there is a technical aspect we need to work on, but going after the end musical idea, from the beginning, is much more gratifying.

Time to Keep Exploring,

Adam C White