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Accepting Challenges

finding joy in the constant barrage of challenges

Life is going to constantly present challenges, and music school is no exception. Perspective is key to dealing with them. There will always be challenges, and we need to learn how to approach them with joy. This is easier said than done; I'm just grateful that we don't have to live this life alone.

Not only do we have close friends, colleagues, and family to rely on, but for me, I continually look to Jesus for my strength. There will be challenges, and it's amazing how some put fear into us so easily. Part of what attracts me to the trumpet is that it is quite hard to master. I love the pursuit. Many people, including me, find joy in seeking after more and more challenging goals to always be striving for. So it amazes me when I seek out certain challenges and they strike fear in me to the core. I remember feeling so hopeless last fall looking towards Juries, and Tim Hudson (Teacher at Gardner-Webb) said, "Adam, there are many other things I would rather not do than practice something that is hard." No one is going to love every aspect of there job, but getting to make music everyday is such a joy. The task is to find joy in sharing what you can offer today, knowing and trusting that you are working hard on the challenges at hand.


Time to Keep Exploring,


Adam C White