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Consistent Habits

intentionally building good habits we can rely on

My parents take the same route for their walk around their neighborhood. Humans tend to brush their teeth exactly the same every time. There is beauty in habits that allow us to focus our minds on other things. Rhythm, consistency, these are natural parts of life. I am drawn to this idea of building habits into one's life that allows us to process other information. Within a simple, routine habit we have the opportunity to think about our days or pray for others.

The best athletes and musicians must build habits into their playing through consistent, defined practice over a long period of time. That way, one does not have to think about what the body has to do for every task. We merely execute based on our environment. We can focus on the game or the music instead of ourselves. This allows us to be in the present. Athletics and Music are about entertainment, and no one cares that we have to take a breath to play a wind instrument, or any other physical aspect to do our job. We have to build habits like this so that we can focus on the music in the moment, not on ourselves.

Time to keep it simple,

Adam C White