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Process over Product

"Hear want you want to sound like, Sound like what you hear." This phrase has been repeated over and over to me by Tim Hudson. He would frequently say, "process over product," and then talk about how sound only exists in the moment. For some reason I thought that hearing the sound that I wanted was too product oriented. I couldn't be farther from the truth. Being product oriented is about living in the past, it's hear our own sound and reacting to it.

I believe that I am just beginning to scratch the surface, but my current understanding of this concept of "process over product" is two-fold:

1. Hearing the ideal sound as a means of staying in the present.

2. Exploring and reminding yourself of concepts that allow you to get as close to the ideal sound as possible. (for example: take a full breath, steady flow, etc.)

I've been struggling to marry these concepts for the longest time, and I now believe that hearing the ideal sound, positive visualization before we play and during, is a crucial part of the process. This is where our mind should be, on the music. This is a radically simple approach, but will take time to develop. This mindfulness is, in itself, a process. We must learn to learn. Developing this skill of mindfulness will take time, patience, persistence, and grace. However, I know that developing this skill is beyond worth it. It allows us to get our minds off of ourselves, and allows us to share the beauty of the moment with our listeners. I'm leaning in.

Time to keep it simple,

Adam C White