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Realistic Goal Setting

Living in the process means creating opportunities for growth in the day to day. Two major aspects of learning to create healthy boundaries for our self is to set daily goals and schedule our practice. In goal setting, we must honor that we only have 24 hours, and each day has it's own demands. There are many areas that I want to grow in, and creating definition within realistic goals is the way we slowly improve overtime.

An example in my own life recently is to work on tuning. Well... that is not very defined. Per the suggest of my teacher, and Gerald Webster's Improving Intonation I am practicing slow scales with a just-intonation tuner. However, I started trying to play too many scales, too fast. To improve quicker, I actually needed to slow down and be more defined and realistic in my goals. So I am working on one scale a day for 5 mins. I can now play the first 4 notes in tune, almost every time. I am going to keep slowly adding, knowing that momentum will build overtime.

Time to keep it simple,

Adam C White