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Process, Process, Process

Filtering, and trusting the process

What we do as musicians is a process. It takes intentionality, but it also takes grace. What we do is simple, but is easy to make overly complex. I am quickly learning that I need strong filters on the media that I consume. The books, recordings, and podcasts that I listen to play a very important role in the process. I am so keen to read or hear about something new and flashy, and immediately see how I can apply it to my life.

There is nothing inherently wrong in this, but it can distract my mind from what I really want and need to be focused on (song and wind). This past week I was reading a great book about trumpet playing, but it offered suggestions that I didn't filter. I guess I'm always looking for the idea or thing to practice that will magically make me better rather than trusting in the work that I am currently doing. So here's to focusing on the simple, song and wind. Hearing what I want to sound like, taking a full breath, and playing what is in my head. Offering the best I can today. I need to learn to set aside all of these other ideas while I'm in performance, and pursue the simple in the moment.

Time to Keep It Simple,

Adam C White