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New Seasons

Balancing Priorities in Transition

When we start new seasons (for me a new concert cycle), it is tempting to have unrealistic goals for myself as I think that I have so much time now than I did before. Not only do I want, and need to prepare the new music to the best of my abilities, I also have a higher obligation to work on individual growth for my lessons. There are other aspects of my life that I want to spend time on as well. It is easy to over-plan, and then quickly become discouraged. In moments like today, the beginning of a new season, I need to be reminded that even this struggle is a part of the greater process.

So I had some encouragement to block off specific times in my week, manageable goals toward specific areas. For instance, spending 2 hours each week going through the library resources on trumpet. I have one hour blocked off, but now I need to take a concentrated effort to find a consistent time and block a 2nd hour off. I have a few other things like this that I want, and need to do. However, just like a budget takes constant maintenance, grace, and adjustment, I have to stick with reasonable goals within a 168 hour week. Here's to a new season with a hope for a more balanced diet of time management. Thankfully we don't have to live this life alone. We have family, friends, and Jesus to lean on when our burdens become heavy.

Time to keep it simple,

Adam C White