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Mental Rest

A seekers thoughts on building rest into a healthy routine

This summer has been radically different for me than any before. Previous summers have been a mental break from heavy practice as I worked at a summer camp, and merely maintained by chops through daily routine. I was always super excited to get back into the swing of school and practice when the fall arrived. This summer I have had the pleasure of performing solos every week for the past 6 weeks, and I have been practicing my tail off. So I finished the summer with a recital this past Sunday, and took a much needed break on Monday.

I start rehearsals for Guys and Dolls next week, but I knew that my mind needed a short break before I jumped back into my last year of grad school. During the year I make a concentrated effort to practice 2.5-4 hours a day (minimum of 3 is my goal), 6 days a week. I always take Sunday's off. I believe the Lord knows that a different day, a day of rest, is a great part of a healthy routine. However, my performing this summer has almost always been on Sunday's! I can't really take that off. The Summer as a whole has previously been a mental break for the year, and Sunday's previously had been my mental break each week. This summer radically changed that precedent. I've had to adjust my routine to keep my mind rested. Here's to a new school year after a very different summer.

Time to Keep Exploring,

Adam C White