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Bringing the best you've got today

Today is a new day, full of opportunity. When it comes to performances, it's easy to treat them like tests. Going for 100%, seeking some external validation for your efforts. However, while there might be right answers to a test, and "right notes" in music. There is never 100% in music. It just doesn't exist. There is no product. We must learn to live in the process, and learn to offer the best that we can today, and more specifically, in each musical moment.

Depending on the circumstances, it might be tempting to live in the past or to idealize the future where you no longer have playing issues, HA. Don't get me wrong, being able to hear the ideal, and see yourself executing the ideal is an extremely valuable tool. However, the only day we actually have for certain is today. Let's bring everything we have to offer today. Let's send the best habits that we have available into the horn. Let's live in the process, knowing that what we can offer today is enough.

Time to Keep it simple,

Adam C White