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Process over Product

concepts for the moment and the journey

Tim Hudson used to say frequently, "process over product." This made sense to me in the moment of seeking after concepts while playing, and reminds me again of Arnold Jacobs reminder to focus on what we want to sound like, not what we actually sound like. On the surface, these seem like concepts for the moment, but as of yesterday I'm starting to see them as crucial parts of the long game as well.

Through some conversations with those who really have my best interest in mind, they recently helped me realize how much I seek after finality, a product that I can offer and be done with. Well... that doesn't really work, but especially in music. We have deadlines of performances, rehearsals, lessons, juries, ect., but the music we prepare, and how we prepare it, contributes to the whole of who we are becoming as musicians. The music is played in the moment, and it's gone. It only exists in the moment, but there is something freeing that a performance is only a glimpse into what we can offer that day. Honestly, most of what we do is contributing short term entertainment to society. So let's learn to give it all we've got. We will never be able to perform at 100%; there is always more opportunity to improve. Let's really go after it today, trying to improve 1% daily, living in the process. Let's sell the moment with what we can offer today!

Time to keep exploring,

Adam C White