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Practice Journal

A place to regularly process one's practice

This weekend, I ran out of room on my current practice journal, and started writing in a new notebook. This is always a wonderful feeling to flip through the pages of a past journal, and say, "wow, here is a glimpse into my mind and concrete proof that I am improving. Now I get to start a fresh chapter in my growth."

Keeping a practice journal was something that many people recommended that I do, but there were very few guidelines. So my use of a practice journal would ebb and flow throughout my undergrad. However, the more I used it, the more I began to see it's value. There is no particular formula. Just write about your practice (ex. track what you play, short and long term goal, write reminders for yourself, observe yourself). These are just a few of the many things that I have written in my journal. I am excited to start a new one, and I guarantee that it will take on many forms throughout its pages. So I encourage you, start (or continue) using a practice journal. I don't care what you write specifically, just try to use one consistently. I have seen rewards, and I know you will too.

Time to keep exploring,

Adam C White