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learning from non-wind players

Musical direction and therefore resonance at the end of a phrase is created by motion. In wind instruments that is constant vibration combined with musical drive to the phrase endings. A few days ago, I began to ponder how non-wind players lead to phrase endings. There is much more freedom for them, but rather than dwell on that, let's learn from them.

The simple visualization of a violin bow constantly in motion, especially on sustained notes, has helped me drive through phrases. This follow-through is a Cichowicz concept that finally made sense to me, "trumpet players feed an active and uninterrupted air stream into the instrument." "Uninterrupted" to me is about maintaining steady pressure on the bow string, and "active" is visualizing the bow in constant motion. As wind players, our mechanical and musical drive is non-visual, it is inside us and the instrument. We can learn a great deal by watching those who's musical drive is visual. Look outside of yourself

Time to keep exploring,

Adam C White