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"Down and Out"

Directional Energy for Efficiency

On my recent journey to explore energy use and resonance, I've realized how many concepts are so closely connected. I remember Dr. Rob Murray mentioning several times that the morning after a gig, his legs are sore. He is so grounded and balanced, and sends his energy down. This allows him to keep his body open and free (reminds me of ideal marching technique, sans movement) This reminded me of an elusive axiom that Tim Hudson used to tell me all the time, "down and out."

The past few days I've been exploring how to distract myself from what I think I can't do by practicing on one leg and shifting the balance around. This has been really working, it reminded me of Eloise Ristad's Soprano on her Head, where a soprano was asked to sing by standing on her head. And then I realized, balancing on one foot requires us to send the energy down, and concepts started connecting together in my mind. So I tried standing still on both feet, sending the energy down, and keeping the upper body free and open. I can't quite do it yet, but I think I'm on the right track.

Time to keep exploring,

Adam C White