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Continued exploration will lead to discovery

Gabe DiMartino has a beautiful forest analogy about exploring concepts as different aspects of the forest of trumpet playing we are all slowly discovering. Recently I have been exploring the concept of a forward sound. I have determined to explore this concept for a minimum of 3 weeks, and I’m so intrigued by this part of the forest that it will probably be more.

Tonight I discovered that I have a habit of resetting my embouchure when I “get tired,” when in fact, I’m not tired, I’m just not playing forward. Everything is creeping into the throat throughout the phrase. Anyway, I’ve had some success with this concept already, and I by no means can automatically fix it. I just wonder if I can reset my throat, or keep everything forward to begin with, and no longer feel the need to constantly reset my chops? I think I’ll keep revisiting this part of the forest.

Time to keep exploring,

Adam C White