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Approach to Education

Learning from instead of Graded by

A desire for validation has slowed down my ability to truly learn what I need in this stage. Being responsible, professional, excellent are things I strive for. These are not inherently bad things. However, when my desire to impress my teachers and colleagues that I am these things (stated above) overrides my ability to learn as much as I can from them, there is a disparity.

This week Dr. Murray posed a suggestion on how to approach the learning environment. We are paying to be here. Let's approach every situation, lessons, ensembles, classes, etc. as opportunities to learn as much as possible from the people who lead these environments. Rather than doing work, begging for a grade, and hoping they like it, Seek to learn as much as you can. Work towards your professor's strengths or your own weaknesses. Learn! do not seek to be evaluated. Wow, this was convicting, and quite freeing.

Time to Keep it Simple,

Adam C White